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Concept Testing Tailors Community Videos to Local Context in Two Regions in Niger

women with children sitting outside

In June 2016, SPRING and Digital Green began conducting concept testing in two regions in Niger in preparation for developing a series of community videos. Concept testing is a means of involving audiences in production and ensuring videos are adapted to the local context. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of community uptake of the promoted behaviors. In Droum Kafé and El Kolta villages, facilitators from SPRING and DG used image cards to lead a total of 14 women and 12 men through three possible story lines for each village, and collected responses to each scenario. Facilitators solicited feedback that reflected the participants’ understanding of the behaviors, their perception of feasibility in their communities, and their suggestions for adjustments to the story lines.

The results of the testing are being used to create videos focusing on critical household-level hygiene practices, child nutrition, maternal nutrition, sharing of labor with pregnant and nursing women, family planning, and key agriculture and nutrition practices, among others.