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10 Recommendations for Translating Nutrition Policy into Nutrition Action

A national nutrition action plan or strategy is a clear signal of a country’s political commitment to nutrition. But SPRING has found that increased commitment does not always translate into better support for nutrition activities. Through our project’s Pathways to Better Nutrition Case Studies in Uganda and Nepal, we developed 10 recommendations for how countries can translate their multi-sectoral nutrition policies into increased nutrition action.

The following infographic summarizes these recommendations. For more information, see our Global Recommendations page.

Recommendations include: 1. Take Long View of Scale Up, 2. Reach the Lowest Level, 3. Build Sustainable Structures, 4. Add Human Resources for Nutrition, 5. Launch M&E Frameworks, 6. Align with NNAP, 7. Embed Nutrition in Sector & Organizational Plans, 8. Use Budgets as Planning Tools, 9. Invest in Key Drivers of Change, 10. Consider Formal Funding Mechanisms for Nutrition.