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Community Video (Niger): How Can Working Parents Feed Their Young Children Frequently?

Chima runs into her neighbors on the way to the field, and her neighbor, Rakiya, explains that she is carrying a snack to the field for her baby to eat, even though her baby has already had breakfast. Rakiya explains that it is important to feed young children frequently. While Rakiya and her husband work in the field, their older son feeds the baby. Chima asks the community health worker (CHW) about the frequency of feeding her child who is under two. The CHW explains the required feeding frequency for different age groups, and, with her neighbors, gives examples of healthy snacks for young children. When she returns home, Chima breastfeeds her son before going to the field, and gives her mother-in-law watermelon to give to Chima’s baby as a snack while she is in the field working.

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