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Community Video (Niger): How to Prevent and Treat All Diarrhea in Children

The community health worker, Koni, is making house visits and finds a young child with diarrhea. The child’s mother, Larai, believes it is because the child is teething and does not take action. Koni instructs Larai on proper care for a child with diarrhea, and discusses the importance of separating domestic animals to prevent illness and diarrhea. They wash their hands, prepare oral rehydration salt (ORS), and give it to the child. Then, the child is brought to the health center. In another home, Koni finds a healthy six month old child. This household has a latrine, a handwashing device, animals separated from the family’s living spaces,, and drinking water treatment. The mother practices exclusive breastfeeding, and Koni discusses how to treat her baby in case she ever has diarrhea.

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