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Developing a Seasonal Calendar

This is Session Five of seven that are included in the Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package.

Building a seasonal calendar helps participants explore and understand how seasonal changes in agriculture and livelihood tasks, cash flow, labor requirements, as well as the health environment, affect farmers’ access to food, health, and care. This exercise-based session is a good starting point for participants to explore several concepts around agriculture, income, labor, and nutrition related to the pathways. Before starting the session, the facilitator should have an idea of how seasonal changes impact agriculture and nutrition in the context. This knowledge will allow the facilitator to guide participants through the exercise and discussion. By the end of this session, participants should be able to—

  1. describe the agricultural context and how it varies throughout the year in areas where their activity functions
  2. articulate how agricultural constraints (growing season, holidays, seasonal illnesses, changes in weather) affect the wellbeing of communities
  3. identify opportunities to make agricultural activities more nutrition-sensitive.

Download the Session Guide and related materials below.