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Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package

Pour obtenir une copie de Guide de formation en agriculture sensible à la nutrition, cliquez ici et téléchargement ce package: Doc icon Ensemble de ressources de formation en agriculture sensible à la nutrition (DOCX, 3.9 MB)

Pour obtenir une copie de tous des ressources supplémentaires – les présentations PowerPoint, les documents à distribuer, et les outils de formation – cliquez ici et téléchargement tous les deux ressources: Package icon GASN Pt 1 (ZIP, 18 MB) et Package icon GASN Pt 2 (ZIP, 60 MB)

About this package

The SPRING Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package is a collection of our very best training work, including presentations, activities, handouts, and session guides.

Successful multisectoral training is key for developing the collaboration that nutrition-sensitive activities require. Successful partnerships hinge on developing a shared understanding of goals, activities, and essential concepts that allow our collaboration to thrive.

Whether you are creating a 1-hour presentation or a multi-day training workshop, these resources will help you create a solid foundation for stakeholder discussions about nutrition-sensitive agriculture.

In this training resource package, you will find the building blocks for creating a nutrition-sensitive agriculture presentation or training program that reaches program leaders, managers, and other decision-makers. We have created a training with seven sessions:

  1. Strengthening Agriculture-Nutrition Linkages: Why it Matters
  2. Essential Nutrition Concepts for Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Activities
  3. Essential Concepts in Agriculture and Food Systems
  4. Agriculture-to-Nutrition Pathways
  5. Developing a Seasonal Calendar
  6. Behavior Change Concepts for Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture
  7. Designing Effective Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Activities

Download a compiled guide and slide deck with all seven sessions (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Each section in the Training Resource Package includes a PowerPoint set, a session guide (with slide narratives and activities), and other materials you can use to deliver the content.

As you develop your training content, consider these materials as a guide. Adapt the content to your context, audience, and specific training purpose.

These sessions are intended to facilitate your training development process. Depending on your purpose, you could use all seven sessions together or choose a few that address your specific training need.

Choose only the sessions you need, but be sure that you have an accurate understanding of your participants’ knowledge base before you begin. To have an effective nutrition-sensitive agriculture training, the group should have a firm understanding of each of these session topics.

Our Training Experience

Nutrition-sensitive agriculture training has been an essential part of the SPRING mission since we began our work in 2012. We have presented essential frameworks, concepts, and ideas to a range of stakeholders from nongovernmental organizations to governments, universities, and funders.

The materials available here represent the best of our work in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso and Niger (the Sahel), Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, India, Kyrgyz Republic, Mali, Senegal, and Sierra Leone.

View materials from our Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training in India here.

Before you start

Developing training is a multi-stage process that begins with reflecting on your situation (context, audience, and purpose). From there, the training you develop should be adapted to meet these specific needs. In order to guide this process, we have compiled pointers on how to effectively prepare for your own training:

After you have determined your context, audience, and purpose for the nutrition-sensitive agriculture training, use and adapt the following sessions to meet your needs.

Resources for Multi-Day Training

Below are in-depth session guides, slide sets, and supporting materials.

Download the Entire Set of Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Materials (PDF, 2.2 MB)