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Agriculture-to-Nutrition Pathways

This is Session Four of seven that are included in the Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package.

After developing a solid foundation in both nutrition and agriculture in previous sessions, this session introduces participants to the Agriculture-to-Nutrition Pathways. The Agriculture-to-Nutrition Pathways show how agriculture activities can improve nutrition by influencing the underlying causes of malnutrition (e.g., by improving household incomes or strengthening women’s control of resources). Discussions throughout this session focus on how each pathway is influenced by the enabling environment—the context and systems that can affect the likelihood that agricultural activities will lead to improved nutrition.

Before starting the session, participants need to understand key concepts for nutrition and agriculture, as covered in Session Two (Essential Nutrition Concepts) and Session Three (Essential Agriculture Concepts) of the SPRING Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package. These two sessions create a shared vocabulary and perspective that allow a diverse group of stakeholders to effectively discuss the pathways. By the end of this session, participants should be able to—

  1. effectively describe the three main pathways and how they overlap.
  2. explain the enabling environment in which all pathways operate.
  3. identify steps along each main pathway to ensure that agriculture activities meet nutrition outcomes.

Download the Session Guide and related materials below.