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India Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training

Facilitator's Guide (PDF, 3.62 MB)
Facilitator Training Tips (PDF, 789.2 KB)
Training Aids (PDF, 12.14 MB)
Training Handouts (PDF, 2.75 MB)
Illustrated image of a man and woman walking near a stream.

The Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training package provides basic training in nutrition-sensitive agriculture for Community Service Providers and Community Resource Persons, as they develop and disseminate nutrition-sensitive agriculture-focused community videos. This training is also appropriate for other community workers, and they are possible participants in this training. It focuses on basic technical knowledge, as well as several illustrative nutrition-sensitive agriculture practices for local community members. The training also helps build facilitation skills.

These materials were created specifically for the SPRING nutrition-sensitive agriculture training in Odisha, India; any part of this package may be printed, copied, or adapted for related projects to meet local needs with the express written permission of SPRING.