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Essential Concepts in Agriculture and Food Systems

This is Session Three of seven in the Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package.

This session introduces the learner to essential concepts in agriculture and food systems. These concepts create a foundation for understanding the intersection between agriculture and nutrition, which is fully explained in Session Four: Agriculture-to-Nutrition Pathways. Designed for nutritionists with little exposure to agricultural development concepts, this session describes the increasing need for food because of population growth, the goals of agriculture programs, and approaches to agriculture that address challenges such as degrading natural resources and climate change. By the end of this session, participants should be able to—

  1. explain the importance of agriculture in food production, income generation and women’s lives
  2. articulate the overarching goals of most agriculture programs
  3. explain the relationship between agricultural value chains and food systems
  4. identify challenges and opportunities for agriculture programs today.

Download the Session Guide and related materials below.