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SPRING Collects Endline Data on Micronutrient Powder Distribution in Namutumba District, Uganda

Collage showing a MNP packet, a sign of Namutumba, a presentation of data, and a SPRING vehicle

Micronutrient powder (MNP) distribution is a promising intervention for reducing anemia in young children, but successful implementation requires a better understanding of effective programming. In Uganda, the Ministry of Health is interested in providing MNP to children 6-23 months. To support this effort, SPRING piloted distribution in Namutumba district and conducted mid- and endline assessments to provide country-specific evidence on coverage, adherence, and cost-effectiveness of two delivery mechanisms.

After 9 months of distribution, SPRING trained data collectors and supervised the collection of qualitative and quantitative data from over 1,600 individuals throughout the district. Data consisted of qualitative interviews with health workers and community members and quantitative household surveys. The research will help document the implementation process to provide needed guidance for implementing MNP programs and will be shared through seminars in Washington, D.C. and Uganda and detailed in upcoming journal articles.

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