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Point-of-Use Fortification in Uganda

SPRING is supporting the rollout of a micronutrient power (MNP) program among children 6-23 months in one pilot district of Uganda. The program, called the Vitamin and Mineral Powder program, promotes "point-of-use" fortification (also known as home fortification in Uganda). Point-of-use fortification with MNPs has shown to be effective in reducing the prevalence of iron deficiency and anemia among children. The success of the program depends on the acceptability of and adherence by caregivers to the product and in the integration into complementary feeding behaviors. Thus, SPRING, along with other national partners, has conducted formative research to explore caregiver attitudes toward infant and young child feeding, develop a communications strategy, and tailor the intervention to make it culturally appropriate for caregivers. Potential barriers and opportunities will also be explored. Endline data for the operational research on the use of point-of-use fortification with MNPs was collected in December 2016 and results will be disseminated widely.

Read the Communications Strategy (PDF, 517 KB)