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Community Video (Senegal): Agréage Qualité du Maïs

Cheickh Mbaké is a happy maize farmer from Senegal. He goes with his cousin, Momath, to the farmer co-op to pick up the money he’s earned from selling his maize. Thanks to quality assurance through the co-op, he was able to sell his corn at a better price. Momath, who is not a member of a co-op, realizes that even though he produced more maize than Cheikh, he didn’t earn as much. Not wanting to continue living at a disadvantage, he asks his cousin to help him understand quality assurance for his crops. Cheickh explains and encourages his cousin to participate in his farmer cooperative, which combines many individual farmers’ crops to sell in greater quantity and at higher prices. Buyers are happy to purchase from co-ops because they can be sure of higher quality products.