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Community Video (Senegal): Alimentation Complémentaire

From ages six to nine months, children need a nutritious and varied diet. During this important time, mothers also need the support of their entire family. Ndèye is a young mother in Koungheul, Senegal. She counts on her mother-in-law’s advice and the support of her husband. Her mother-in-law ensures she gives a diverse, nutrient-rich meal to her child, and advises her on the importance of each type of food in proper complementary feeding for a child between 6-23 months of age.

As Ndèye feeds the child, she practices responsive feeding: or serving him from his own bowl and encouraging him to eat. When her husband arrives, he offers his help to feed the baby and further encourages good feeding behaviors and gender equitable practices. Her mother-in-law also helps feed the baby.