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Community Video (Senegal): Les Avantages de L’Allaitement Maternel Exclusif

An expecting mother and her mother-in-law visit the clinic for prenatal care. Aissatou, the midwife, uses the visit as an opportunity to talk about the benefits of early initiation of breastfeeding in the first hour of life and the importance of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months. The woman and her mother-in-law learn that colostrum, also known as the first milk, can strengthen her baby’s immunity against disease. Aissatou also explains that the new baby shouldn’t drink or eat anything other than her mother’s breastmilk for at least the first six months, how often to breastfeed, and the father’s role in supporting exclusive breastfeeding: he should help his wife eat a nutritious diet and support her in her household tasks to lighten her workload.