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Supporting National Level Nutrition Efforts

Anemia working group membersSPRING supported the development and finalization of the National Technical Guideline on Anemia Prevention and Treatment and subsequent protocols. This new guideline constitutes a policy change that—for the first time in the Kyrgyz Republic—specifies provision of Iron Folic Acid to all pregnant women, rather than only to women diagnosed with anemia, and presumptive deworming for children and women (including during pregnancy). SPRING will provide trainings on these new guidelines for health care providers in its implementation areas

SPRING is working to bring together stakeholders around the treatment and prevention of helminths, resulting in the creation of a working group. A working group established to coordinate partners relevant to deworming campaigns, and support the government through the development of messages around prevention of helminths, particularly for pregnant women and children under two years.

Additionally, to ensure long-term viability of nutrition related service provision, SPRING is collaborating with the Kyrgyz Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education to develop nutrition curricula for integration into pre-service medical training.