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Resource Review

The Resource Review is a selection of materials that will help you keep on top of research and developments from across SPRING’s technical areas. This page contains current and archived materials from each of the three resource reviews.

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Global Nutrition Report, November 2017.

University Of Cambridge, February 2017

SPRING, September 2017

Heidkamp, R. et al., Journal of Nutrition (September 2017).

Mwangi, M., et. al., Nutrients (June 2017).

Haider, B., et. al., Cochrane Database Syst Rev. (April 2017).

Masters, W.A., Rosettie, K., Kranz, S., et al. Maternal and Child Nutrition (October 2017).

IFPRI, Blog launch September 2017, report published March 2017.

High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition, October 2017.

ANH Academy Food Environment Working Group, October 2017.

Agrilinks (originally, September 2017.

Meemken, E., Spielman, D., and Qaima, M. Food Policy, August 2017, Volume 71, Pages 74-85.