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Community Video for Nutrition Guide

Appendix 1: Illustrative Project Gantt Chart (DOC, 23 KB)

Appendix 2: Specifications for Video Production and Dissemination Equipment Sets (DOC, 82 KB)

Appendix 3: Formative Research Protocol and Tools

Appendix 4: MIYCN and Hygiene Training Materials

This training has been updated and can be found here.

Appendix 5: Package of Practices Sample (DOC, 212 KB)

Appendix 6: Adoption Verification Job Aid Sample (DOC, 111 KB)

Appendix 7: Video Production Planning Sheet and Storyboard Template (DOC, 109 KB)

Appendix 8: Sample Review and Approval Process with Technical Partners (DOC, 151 KB)

Appendix 9: Consent Form for Video Stars Template (DOC, 63 KB)

Appendix 10: Pretest Guide and Report Template (DOC, 69 KB)

Appendix 11: Adoption Verification Form Template (DOC, 108 KB)