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Page 1 of the infographic, download PDf for full text
Infographics | October 2017

SPRING Results at a Glance

UNICEF’s C4D Officer Miracle Korkalo Saoromou (foreground) and CRS’ Head of Programs Amy Daffé (background)
Galleries | September 2017

SPRING/Guinea Sharing Event

Drawing of woman surrounded with all of her responsibilities.
Infographics | August 2017

Working Together to Share the Burden

Anemia infographic. Images: graphics representing the 3 stages - assess, prioritize, coordinate. Title: Act to Reduce Anemia, Summary: Anemia is a widespread public health problem with many causes—reducing its prevalence improves the health and economic development of families and nations. Countries can take the following actions to address their specific anemia situation. Text: ASSESS THE SITUATION Anemia has many causes, such as infections, micronutrient deficiencies, inflammation, and genetic disorders.
Infographics | July 2017

Act to Reduce Anemia